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M2 internship /PhD theses at LPT

PhD openings (including openings at the LPT) at the Doctoral School Sciences de la Matière can be consulted on the website of the doctoral school.

Out-of-equilibrium fluids of pairs of fermions

(Theoretical PhD on Quantum gases and Condensed Matter, in collaboration with the experimental team``Ultracold Quantum Matter’’ from Yale)

PhD supervisors: Hadrien Kurkjian, Nir Navon Understanding and predicting the behavior of a fluid of quantum particles from its microscopic details (the nature of particles and interactions) is one of the most difficult problems in theoretical physics. This is due to the difficulty of computing the spectrum of a Hamiltonian describing N strongly correlated and strongly entangled particles. Yet, to follow the rapid development of experimental techniques, in quantum gases or in condensed (...)

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Theory of constrained quantum systems (PhD 2021)

The position is no longer available This is a proposal in condensed matter theory. The PhD topic deals with the theoretical study of strongly correlated quantum systems, in the presence of constraints between constituting elements. Constraints arise in the physical description of a wide variety of systems, ranging from gauge theories, glass physics, quantum magnets, atomic physics (such as with Rydberg blockade). They result in exciting new phenomena, such as the appearance of magnetic (...)

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Incompatibility of quantum measurements

PHD proposal 2019

PhD advisor: Ion NECHITA


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