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Quantum Coherence

- Permanent members :
Shepelyansky Dima (DR CNRS)
Frahm Klaus (PR UPS)
Georgeot Bertrand (DR CNRS)
Nechita Ion (CR CNRS)
Lemarié Gabriel (CR CNRS)

- Post-docs, ATER :
Faizy Omid
Haldar Prosenjit

- PhD -students :
Evano Benjamin
Martinez Maxime

- Former members :
Doggen Elmer(postdoc, now at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Dubertrand Rémy (postdoc, now at University of Regensburg)
Eom Young-Ho (postdoc, now at University of Strathclyde)
El Zant Samer(PhD student, now working at ENSEEIHT)
Kandiah Vivek (Phd student, now working for Swiss government)
Damon François (PhD student, now high-school teacher)
Braun Daniel (PR UPS)
Pasek Michael (PhD student, now at Collège de France)
Roubert Benoit (ATER)
Leonardo Ermann (Post-doc, now permanent researcher in Argentina)
Giraud Olivier (CR CNRS, LPTMS Orsay since January 2010)
Fleckinger Robert (PR UPS, retired since July 2010)
García-Mata Ignacio (Post-doc, NOW CONICET research fellow (Argentina))

Research activities of the Quantum Coherence and Quantum Information group

All information on our research activities can be found on the website Quantware MIPS Center website and individual webpages of the group.

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