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Recent books

Introduction to Cluster Dynamics

Authors: Paul-Gerhard Reinhard and Eric Suraud Introduction to Cluster Dynamics Wiley VCH, Berlin, 2003 ISBN 3527402450 Table of content: Introduction; 1. About clusters; 2. From clusters to numbers: experimental aspects; 3. The cluster many body problem: a theoretical perspective; 4. Gross properties and trends; 5. New frontiers in cluster dynamics; Conclusions; Appendices 300 pages, 100 figures This book is based on courses of cluster physics given in France in DEA and master and on (...)

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Océans et Gouttelettes Quantiques

Authors: Phuong Mai Dinh, Jesús Navarro, Eric Suraud Océans et Gouttelettes Quantiques CNRS Editions, Paris, 2007 Table of content: Préface; 1. Entrée en matière; 2. Quelques gouttes de physique quantique; 3. Electron cherche électron; 4. Plus liquide que liquide … la superfluidité; 5. Des gouttelettes qui pèsent; 6. Des océans quantiques dans le ciel; Gouttelettes d’océans 160 pages, 20 figures The idea of this book is to discuss in a transverse way the properties of “quantum liquids” which (...)

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Simple models of many fermions systems

Authors: Joachim Maruhn, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Eric Suraud Simple models of many fermions systems Springer, Heidelberg, 2010 Table of content: 1. The Variety of Finite Fermion Systems and their Basic Properties; 2. The Fermi-Gas Model; 3. Particles in an External Field; 4. Approaches Based on Model Spaces; 5. Hartree-Fock; 6. Density Functional Theory; 7. Quasispin Models; 8. Excitation Spectra; 9. Coherent Two-Body Correlations; 10. Conclusions; Appendices; CD ROM. 300 pages + CD ROM (...)

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An introduction to cluster science

Authors: Phuong Mai Dinh, Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Eric Suraud An introduction to cluster science Wiley-VCH, Berlin, 2013 Table of content: 1. Clusters in nature; 2. Measuring clusters; 3. How to describe clusters; 4. Some properties of free clusters; Clusters in contact with other materials; 6. Links to other areas of science; 7. Conclusion. 200 pages The goal of this book is to provide a general introduction to clusters in the various domains of science (fundamental physics, (...)

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