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Benasque Symposium on Topological Quantum Information

2013, Feb 12 - Feb 16 —

by Didier Poilblanc - 10 January 2013

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S. Iblisdir (U. Barcelona), J. Pachos (U. Leeds), B. Paredes (U. Autónoma de Madrid), D. Poilblanc (CNRS, U. Toulouse)

The present edition of these symposia is the thirteenth and will take place in Benasque (Spain). General Information about the Benasque Centre for Science and the village of Benasque can be found at

The focus will be on the following topics:

A. Quantum Hall Effect B. Classification of quantum phases C. Cold atoms and topological phases D. Topological quantum computing E. Topological Insulators

Scientific Committee:

Gavin Brennen (Macquarie University, Australia) Fiona Brunnell (U. Oxford, UK) Miguel-Angel Martin-Delgado (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain) David Perez-Garcia (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain) Nicolas Regnault (Ecole Normale Superieure, France) Steve Simon (U. Oxford, UK)