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Mardi 10 avril 2012 a 14.00

The importance of being perfect

Alexei Adreanov (Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group ICTP Trieste)

par Bertrand Georgeot - 10 avril 2012

Motivated by the search for best lattice sphere packings in Euclidean spaces of large dimensions we study randomly generated perfect lattices in moderately large dimensions (up to d=19 included). Perfect lattices are relevant in the solution of the problem of lattice sphere packing, because the best lattice packing is a perfect lattice and because they can be generated easily by an algorithm. Their number however grows super-exponentially with the dimension so to get an idea of their properties we propose to study a randomized version of the algorithm and to define a random ensemble with an effective temperature in a way reminiscent of a Monte-Carlo simulation. We therefore study the distribution of packing fractions and kissing numbers of these ensembles and show how as the temperature is decreased the best know packers are easily recovered. We find that, even at infinite temperature, the typical perfect lattices are considerably denser than known families (like A_d and D_d) and we propose two hypotheses between which we cannot distinguish in this paper : one in which they improve Minkowsky’s bound phi\sim 2^-(0.84+-0.06) d, and a competitor, in which their packing fraction decreases super-exponentially, namely phi\sim d^-a d but with a very small coefficient a=0.06+-0.04. We also find properties of the random walk which are suggestive of a glassy system already for moderately small dimensions. We also analyze local structure of network of perfect lattices conjecturing that this is a scale-free network in all dimensions with constant scaling exponent 2.6+-0.1.