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LPT IRSAMC April 2012

by Nicolas Laflorencie - 28 February 2012

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Prof. Tony Leggett will give 4 lectures of 2h in the seminar room of IRSAMC (3rd floor).

Exotic superconductivity

These lectures are intended as an introduction to those superconductors, all discovered since 1975, which appear not to be well described by the traditional BCS theory; while the main emphasis will be on the most spectacular member of this class, the cuprates, I shall also discuss more briefly the heavy-fermion, organic, ruthenate and ferropnictide superconductors. I shall try to provide a general framework for the analysis of "all-electronic" superconductivity (i.e. that in which the Cooper pairing is induced wholly or mainly by the repulsive Coulomb interaction). The level of the course is appropriate to beginning or more senior graduate students.

- 1 Reminders of BCS theory
- 2 The simplest "exotic" Fermi superfluid,3-He.
- 3 Definition and diagnostics of exotic superconductivity
- 4 Non-cuprate exotics: alkali fullerides, organics, heavy fermions
- 5 Non-cuprate exotics: strontium ruthenate, ferropnictides
- 6 The cuprates: generalities, N-state properties
- 7 The cuprates: superconducting state
- 8 General discussion of exotic superconductivity