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Guidelines to use the LPT computer cluster

par Sylvain Capponi - 31 janvier 2007

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Our Linux cluster can be used by LPT members. A separate login is needed and account can be opened by our system manager.

This cluster uses a standard queuing system, known as PBS, for which it is easy to find documentation on the web.

We provide here a simple script to run a monoprocessor job :

1) One needs to create a script file, say named "script.pbs", adjusting time, memory etc.

# !/bin/csh
#PBS -S /bin/csh
#PBS -q mono
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1
#PBS -j eo
#PBS -l pcput=10:00:00
#PBS -l walltime=10:00:00
#PBS -l pmem=1gb
#PBS -M -m e



2) Then this file should be executable : chmod u+x script.pbs

3) Finally, you must submit with the command qsub : qsub script.pbs

NB : we strongly encourage users to use parallelization either MPI on several nodes, or OpenMP on several cores (on a single node).

Queueing system

Details on the queues (time limit, number of simultaneous jobs etc.) can be obtained with the command : qstat -q


We strongly recommend to use Intel compilers and dedicated MKL Lapack libraries. They can be found in directory : /opt/intel/

do source /opt/intel/bin/ to add environment variables.

In order to find the correct compiling options and environment variables, we strongly suggest to look at :