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Mardi 08 novembre 2011-14.00

Cold atoms in 2D optical lattices under staggered rotation

Lih King Lim (LPS Orsay)

par Bertrand Georgeot - 8 novembre 2011

In this talk, I will first show how a two-dimensional square lattice model with staggered flux can be simulated with ultracold atoms trapped in a bichromatic optical lattice. For bosonic atoms, besides the known uniform superfluid and Mott insulating phases, the zero-temperature phase diagram exhibits a novel kind of finite-momentum superfluid phase, characterized by a quantized staggered rotational flux [1]. An extension for fermionic atoms leads to a realization of highly tunable interacting Dirac fermions. With attractive interaction in particular, besides a s-wave superfluid phase, an unconventional superfluidity with non-local bond pairing arises [2]. Finally, I will discuss collective dynamics associated to coupling two distinct condensates [3].

[1] Lih-King Lim, C. Morais Smith, and Andreas Hemmerich, PRL 100, 130402 (2008). [2] Lih-King Lim, Achilleas Lazarides, Andreas Hemmerich, and C. Morais Smith, EPL 88, 36001 (2009). [3] Lih-King Lim, T. Troppenz, and C. Morais Smith, arXiv:1009.1471.