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mardi 18 janvier — 14:00

Quantum Hall Effect and integrable models

Yacine Ikhlef (Université de Genève)

par Pierre Pujol - 18 janvier 2011

The Chalker-Coddington (CC, 1988) model is a simple 2D disordered lattice model for the Integer Quantum Hall Effect (IQHE), and its exact solution is still an open problem. Using the supersymmetric path-integral formulation of the CC model, we propose a truncation procedure, leading to a loop model with loop fugacity n=0. In the same loop model with general n, we identify an integrable manifold by a mapping to the dilute Birman-Wenzl-Murakami (BWM) algebra. The correspondence with BWM allows us to conjecture a conformal field theory description for specific values of n. We discuss numerical results at n=0, suggesting that it does not belong to the IQHE universality class. However, it constitutes an integrable case for the first step of another truncation procedure of the CC model, studied by Marston, Kondev and Tsai.