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Drag forces in fluctuating fields

par Webmaster - 19 octobre 2010

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Inclusions, or defects, moving at constant velocity through free classical fields have been shown to be subject to a drag force which depends on the field dynamics and the coupling of the inclusion to the field. The results can be used to predict the drag exerted on inclusions, such as proteins, in lipid membranes due to their interaction with height and composition fluctuations. The force, measured in Monte Carlo simulations, on a point like magnetic field moving through an Ising ferromagnet is also well explained by these results. These results have been published by Vincent Démery and David Dean of the LPT in Physical Review Lettersand in a longer version in European Physical Journal E. This latter article has been selected as a highlight in Europhysics News

Figure : The polaron field created by a magnetic field in a 2 dimensional Ising model. The asymmetry of the polaron between its front and back is responsible for the generation of the drag force