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mardi 19 octobre — 14:00

Breaking the Coulomb phase

Ludovic Jaubert (MPIKS, Dresde)

par Pierre Pujol - 19 octobre 2010

In this talk, we shall illustrate the physics of the Coulomb phase [1], a divergence free gauge theory, at the frontier between statistical physics and condensed matter, able to describe in a coarse-grained manner models bearing a local flux conservation, such as certain spin or dimer systems. We shall first try to understand some of its main properties, such as the origin of its algebraic spatial correlations and their consequences on susceptibility and neutron scattering experiments on spin ice materials for example. Then we will see how this Coulomb phase can be "broken", for example by lifting its inherent degeneracy with internal (further nearest neighbour interactions, itinerant electrons) or external (magnetic field, pressure) perturbations. Applications to experiments will be made when possible. [1] C.L. Henley, The ``Coulomb phase’’ in frustrated systems, Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics, 1 179-210, Aug. 2010