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AERES evaluation : LPT is ranked A+

by Clément Sire - 3 May 2010

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In July 2010, the AERES evaluation committee gave its maximal A+ mark (the 4 sub-marks are also A+) to the LPT, for the 2005-2009 period, acknowledging the high quality and originality of its scientific activity.

We reproduce below the overall assessment of LPT by the AERES:

The committee has been very favourably impressed by the quality of the research carried out in this laboratory. Several of the senior researchers are very well-recognized at the international level. The laboratory as a whole is extremely productive, and all members are active in research, in an excellent atmosphere of scientific curiosity and collaboration. Some of the works done in recent years are of the highest quality at the international level, and some of the results obtained are landmarks. Beside its high-level activity in some of its ‘traditional’ fields of interest, the laboratory has greatly diversified its interest, most notably through the rapid development of the activity around biophysics, the evolution of the Quantware activity towards some topics at the frontiers of computer science, and the development of studies on cold atomic gases. Altogether, the scientific activity in this laboratory is of extremely high level, as is also attested by the success of the laboratory in various selective instances, ANR grants, IUF (3 members), Chaire Pierre de Fermat.

The scientific report 2005-2009 of the LPT, its scientific project 2011-2014, and the final AERES evaluation report can be downloaded here.