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Pair Density Waves in coupled doped two-leg Ladders

Javier Almeida, Guillaume Roux, Didier Poilblanc

par Didier Poilblanc - 24 mars 2010

Motivated by Resonant X-ray scattering experiments in cuprate ladder materials showing charge order modulation of period lambda=3 and 5 at specific hole densities, we investigate models involving the electronic t-J ladders and bosonic chains coupled via screened Coulomb repulsion. Extensive density matrix renormalization group calculations applied to the ladders/chains supplemented by a self-consistent mean-field treatment of the inter-ladder/chain coupling provide quantitative estimates of the charge order for lambda=3,4 and 5. As previously proposed, such patterns correspond to the emergence of pair density waves which stem from the strong electronic correlations. We comment on the existence of a lambda=4 modulation not seen so far in experiment.