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Collapse and evaporation of a canonical self-gravitating gas

Clément Sire and Pierre-Henri Chavanis

par Clément Sire - 4 mars 2010

Reference : Proceedings of the 12th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Eds. T. Damour, R. T. Jantzen, and R. Ruffini (World Scientific, Singapore, 2010) ; Preprint arXiv:1003.1118

We review the out-of-equilibrium properties of a self-gravitating gas of particles in the presence of a strong friction and a random force (canonical gas). We assume a bare diffusion coefficient of the form D(\rho)=T\rho^{1/n}, where \rho is the local particle density, so that the equation of state is P(\rho)=D(\rho)\rho. Depending on the spatial dimension d, the index n, the temperature T, and whether the system is confined to a finite box or not, the system can reach an equilibrium state, collapse or evaporate. This article focuses on the latter cases, presenting a complete dynamical phase diagram of the system.