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mardi 4 mai - 14H00

Electron quantum optics in quantum Hall edge channels

Pascal Degiovanni (ENS-Lyon)

par Pierre Pujol - 4 mai 2010

The recent development of an on demand single-electron source has opened the way to fundamental electron quantum optics experiments involving single charge excitations propagating along chiral edges of a 2D electron gas in the integer quantum Hall regime. But contrary to photons, electrons interact with their electromagnetic environment and with other electrons present in the Fermi sea thus making the concept of electron quantum optics highly non trivial.

In this talk, I will review the recent developments in this field and present a unified approach to decoherence and relaxation of single electron excitations in Integer Quantum Hall edge channels. This approach, based on bosonization framework, has an explicit explicit connexion with high frequency charge transport, heat transport and high frequency noise. It provides a non perturbative solution to the quasi particle relaxation problem originally considered by Landau.