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IUF laureates for 2009

by Clément Sire - 8 April 2009

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The LPT is proud to announce that Sylvain Capponi belongs to the 2009 laureates of the Institut Universitaire de France. After Éric Suraud (in 1994), Jean Bellissard (in 1995; at Georgia Tech since 2002) and David Dean (in 2006), Sylvain Capponi is thus the fourth UPS professor working at the LPT to be awarded an IUF fellowship.

The LPT also wishes to congratulate the four other IUF laureates working at the University Paul Sabatier: David Guéry-Odelin (LCAR; a laboratory in our IRSAMC Institute), Xavier Buff and Dominique Bakry (IMT), and Alain Blanchard (OMP-LATT).