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·  Dissipative Quantum Chaos and Decoherence, D.Braun, Springer Tracts in Modern Physics 172, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2001.


Always wanted to learn about quantum chaos ? Intrigued what dissipation and decoherence might do to it ?

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Corrections for "Dissipative Quantum Chaos and Decoherence"

 Articles in Journals with peer review

1. Dynamics of the Damped Rotational Tunneling System : The Effect of Librational Excitations, D.Braun, and U.Weiss, Z.Phys. B92, 507-517 (1993).

2. Rotational Tunneling and Librational Excitations : The Loss of Quantum Coherence, D.Braun and U.Weiss, proceedings of the 6th conference on ``Quantum Molecular Tunneling in Solids’’, Physica B 202, 264, (1994).

3. Single Level Current and Curvature Distributions in Mesoscopic Systems, A.Kamenev, and D.Braun, J.Phys.I France 4, 1049 (1994) ; cond-mat/9310062.

4. Magnetic Response of Disordered Ballistic Quantum Dots, Y.Gefen, D.Braun, and G.Montambaux, Phys.Rev.Lett. 73, 154 (1994) ; cond-mat/9312079.

5. Magnetization of Disordered Ballistic Quantum Billards, D.Braun, Y.Gefen, and G.Montambaux, Ann.Physik 3, 467 (1994) ; cond-mat/9405022.

6. Universal spectral correlations in diffusive quantum systems, D.Braun and G.Montambaux, Phys.Rev.B 50, 7776 (1994) ; cond-mat/9404084.

7. Spectral correlations from the metal to the mobility edge, D.Braun and G.Montambaux, Phys.Rev.B 52, 13903 (1995) ; cond-mat/9506063.

8. Level Curvatures and Conductances : A Numerical Study of the Thouless Relation, D.Braun, E.Hofstetter, G.Montambaux, and A.MacKinnon ; Phys.Rev.B 55, 7557 (1997) ; cond-mat/9611059.

9. Time-reversal Symmetry and Random Polynomials, D.Braun, M.KuÅ¡, and K.Å »yczkowski, J.Phys.A Letters : Math.Gen. 30, L117-L123 (1997) ; chao-dyn/9611003.

10. Log-normal Distribution of Level Curvatures in the Localized Regime : Analytical Verification, M.Titov, D.Braun, and Y.V.Fyodorov, J.Phys.A : Math.Gen. 30, L339-L345 (1997) ; cond-mat/9611235.

11. Semiclassical Spin Damping : Superradiance revisited, P.A.Braun, D.Braun, F.Haake, and J.Weber, Eur.Phys.J.D 2, 165-173 (1998) ; quant-ph/9803041.

12. WKB for a Damped Spin, P.A.Braun, D.Braun and F.Haake, Europ.Phys.Journ.D 3, 1-8 (1998) ; chao-dyn/9805018.

13. Boundary Conditions at the Mobility Edge, D.Braun, G.Montambaux, and M.Pascaud, Phys.Rev.Lett. 81, 1062-1065 (1998) ; cond-mat/9712256.

14. Spectral Properties of Dissipative Chaotic Quantum Maps, D.Braun, Chaos 9, 730-737 (1999) ; chao-dyn/9904002.

15. Semiclassics for a Dissipative Quantum Map, D.Braun, P.A.Braun, and F.Haake, Physica D 131 265 - 292 (1999) ; chao-dyn/9804008.

16. Slow Decoherence of Superpositions of Macroscopically Distinct States, D.Braun, P.A.Braun, and F.Haake ; Lecture Notes in Physics 538, 55 (2000), Proceedings of the 1998 Bielefeld Conference on ``Decoherence : Theoretical, Experimental, and Conceptual Problems’’ ; quant-ph/9903041.

17. Long-lived Quantum Coherence between Macroscopically Distinct States in Superradiance, D.Braun, P.A.Braun, and F.Haake ; Opt.Comm. 179, 195 (2000) ; quant-ph/9903040.

18. Critical statistics in a power-law random-banded matrix ensemble, I.Varga and D.Braun, Phys.Rev.B 61, R11859 (2000) ; cond-mat/9909285.

19. Dissipative Chaotic Quantum Maps : Expectation Values, Correlation Functions and the Invariant State, D.Braun, Eur.Phys.J.D 11, 3(2000) ; chao-dyn/9910009.

20. Driving Atoms into Decoherence Free States, A.Beige, D.Braun, and P.L.Knight, New Journal of Physics 2, 22 (September 2000) ; quant-ph/9912004. Selected as a NJP 10th anniverary highlight article.

21. Entangling Atoms and Ions in Dissipative Environments, A.Beige, S.Bose, D.Braun, S.F.Huelga, P.L.Knight, M.B.Plenio, and V.Vedral, J.Mod.Opt. 47, 2583 (2000) ; quant-ph/0007082.

22. Quantum Computing Using Dissipation to Remain in a Decoherence-Free Subspace, A.Beige, D.Braun, B.Tregenna, and P.L.Knight, Phys.Rev.Lett. 85, 1762 (2000) ; quant-ph/0004043.

23. Symmetrien verlängern das Leben von Schrödingers Kätzchen (English title : Symmetries extend the life of Schrödingers kitten, D.Braun, Physik in unserer Zeit 31, 246-251 (2000) (invited article).

24. Chaos in Dissipative Quantum Maps : A Wigner Function Description, D.Braun, Physica E 9, 498 (2001).

25. Boundary conditions, the critical conductance distribution, and one-parameter scaling, D.Braun, E.Hofstetter, G.Montambaux, and A.MacKinnon, Phys.Rev.B 64 155107 (2001) ; cond-mat/0101122.

26. Universality of Decoherence, D.Braun, F.Haake, W.T.Strunz ; Phys.Rev.Lett. 86, 2913 (2001) ; quant-ph/0006117.

27. Creation of Entanglement by Interaction with a Common Heat Bath, D.Braun, Phys.Rev.Lett. 89, 277901-1, (2002) ; quant-ph/0205019.

28. Quantum chaos and quantum algorithms, D.Braun, Phys.Rev. A 65, 042317-1 (2002) ; quant-ph/0110037.

29. Effect of crystalline disorder on magnetic switching in small magnetic cells, D.Braun, J.Magn.Mag.Mater. 261, 295-303 (2003) ; cond-mat/0307593.

30. Universality of decoherence for macroscopic quantum superpositions, W.T.Strunz, F.Haake, and D.Braun, Phys.Rev.A 67, 022101 (2003) ; quant-ph/0204129.

31. Exact activation energy of magnetic single domain particles, D.Braun, J.Magn.Mag.Mat. 283, 1-7, (2004), cond-mat/0705.3716.

32. Entanglement from thermal black body radiation, D. Braun, Phys.Rev.A 72, 062324 (2005), quant-ph/0505082.

33. A quantitative measure of interference, D. Braun and B. Georgeot, Phys. Rev. A 73, 022314 (2006), quant-ph/0510159.

34. Decoherence in a system of many two-level atoms, D. Braun, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 230502 (2006), quant-ph/0511262.

35. Indirect decoherence in optical lattices and cold atomic gases, D. Braun, Eur. Phys. J. D 42, 103 (2007), quant-ph/0606003.

36. Invariant integration over the orthogonal group, D. Braun, J. Phys. A : Math. Gen. 39 (2006) 14581-14590, math-ph/0607064.

37. Distribution of interference in random quantum algorithms, L. Arnaud and D. Braun, Phys.Rev. A 75, 062314 (2007), quant-ph/0612168.

38. Coherent control of atomic tunneling, J. Martin and D. Braun, J. Phys. B : At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41, 115502 (2008), quant-ph/0704.0763.

39. Role of interference in quantum state transfer through spin chains, A. O. Lyakhov, D. Braun, C. Bruder, Phys. Rev. A 76, 022321 (2007), cond-mat/0705.3777.

40. Spontaneous emission from a two-level atom tunneling in a double-well potential, D. Braun and J. Martin, Phys. Rev. A 77, 032102 (2008), quant-ph/0707.4158.

41. Interference versus success probability in quantum algorithms with imperfections, D. Braun and B. Georgeot, Phys. Rev. A 77, 022318 (2008) ; arXiv:0711.1513.

42. Classicality of spin states, O. Giraud, P. Braun, and D. Braun, submitted to PRA, arXiv:0805.2592.

43. Efficiency of Producing Random Unitary Matrices with Quantum Circuits, L. Arnaud and D. Braun, submitted to PRA, arXiv:0807.0775v1.

44. Quantum Cloning without Interference, B. Roubert and D. Braun, accepted for publication in PRA, arXiv:0807.1657.

45. Hardy’s Test versus the CHSH Test of Quantum Non-Locality : Fundamental and Practical Aspects, D. Braun and M.-S. Choi, Phys. Rev. A 78, 032114 (2008), arXiv:0808.0052.


Other Publications

1. A 0.18 μm logic-based MRAM technology for high performance nonvolatile memory applications, A.R.Sitaram, D.W.Abraham, C.Alof, D.Braun, S.Brown, G.Costrini, F.Findeis, M.Gaidis, E.Galligan, W.Glashauser, A.Gupta, H.Hoenigschmid, J.Hummel, S.Kanakasabapathy, I.Kasko, W.Kim, U.Klostermann, G.Y.Lee, R.Leuschner, K-S.Low, Yu Lu, J.N&uumltzel, E.O’Sullivan, C.Park, W.Raberg, R.Robertazzi, C.Sarma, J.Schmid, P.L.Trouilloud, D.Worledge, G.Wright, W.J.Gallagher, and G.Müller ; Semiconductor Fabtech 19, 103 (2003).

2. A High-Speed 128Kbit MRAM Core for Future Universal Memory Applications, A.Bette, J.DeBrosse, D.Gogl, H.Hoenigschmid, R.Robertazzi ; C.Arndt, D.Braun, D.Casarotto, R.Havreluk, S.Lammers , W.Obermaier,W.Reohr, H.Viehmann, W.J.Gallagher, and G.Müller ; VLSI Circuit Symposium in Kyoto (2003). (Voted among the top-10 papers of the conference).

3. Dissipative Quantum Chaos and Decoherence (habilitation thesis, University Essen, 1999. This is an earlier version of the above cited book with the same titel (8.5MB).

2. The Spectral Correlation Function at the Anderson Metal-Insulator-Transition, D.Braun and G.Montambaux, proceedings of the XXXIst rencontre de Moriond ``Correlated Fermions and Transport in Mesocopic Systems’’, ed.T.Martin, G.Montambaux, and J.TrânThanh Vân, Editions Frontières, Gif sur Yvette, 1996.

3. Propriétés Spectrales des Conducteurs Mésoscopiques Désordonnés (English title : Spectral Properties of Disordered Mesoscopic Conductors), Ph.D.thesis, Université Paris Sud (Orsay), 1995.

4. Motion of Energy Levels in Diffusive Electronic Systems, D.Braun, G.Montambaux, and A.Kamenev, proceedings of the XXIXth rencontre de Moriond ``Coulomb and Interference Effects in Small Electronic Structures’’, ed.D.C.Glattli, M.Sanquer, J.Trân Thanh Vân, Editions Frontiès, Gif sur Yvette, 1994.

5. Untersuchung der Dynamik von Rotationstunnelsystemen (English title : Investigation of the Dynamics of Rotational Tunneling Systems), D.Braun, diploma thesis, Universität Stuttgart, (1992).




Author or co-author of 23 patents on MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memories), 15 more applications still pending.

Granted patents US :




Magnetic Memory Array 




Resistive memory cell random access memory device and method of fabrication




MRAM with coil for creating offset field




MRAM with vertical storage element and field sensor




Read out scheme for several bits in a single MRAM soft layer




MRAM storage device




Double-decker MRAM cell with rotated reference layer magnetizations




MRAM cell with domain wall switching and field select




Method of switching an MRAM cell comprising bidirectional current generation




Double-decker MRAM cells with scissor-state angled reference layer magnetic anisotropy and method for fabricating




MRAM with magnetic via for storage of information and field sensor




MRAM with vertical storage element in two layer-arrangement and field sensor




MRAM with switchable ferromagnetic offset layer




Magnetic memory with static magnetic offset field




Combination of intrinsic and shape anisotropy for reduced switching field fluctuations




Low switching field magnetic element




MRAM cell having frustrated magnetic reservoirs



Granted Patents Europe :



Combination of intrinsic and shape anisotropy for reduced switching field fluctuations



Low switching field magnetic element



Magnetic shielding of MRAM chips


Granted Patents Germany :


DE 102005055436 A1

MRAM mit Spule zum Erzeugen eines Offsetfeldes


DE 102005046426 A1

MRAM und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung


DE 102005035152 A1

MRAM und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Published pending applications US :



Magnetoresistive random access memory array



Generation of MRAM programming currents using external capacitors



Magnetoresistive memory element having a stacked structure



Reference current source for current sense amplifier and programmable resistor configured with magnetic tunnel junction cells


Unpublished Work

·  Functional testing of MRAM arrays, D.Braun, Infineon Technical Report, (2003).

·  Yield analysis for MRAM arrays, D.Braun, Infineon Technical Report, R-521-0301-PT (2001).