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Mardi 18/12/2007 — 14H00

STIRAP dynamics of three-component Bose-Einstein condensate


par Didier Poilblanc - 18 décembre 2007

Nonlinear dynamics (transport) of multi-component Bose-Einstein condensate is investigated within the Stimulated Adiabatic Raman Passage (STIRAP) scheme. A general formalism for two main cases of interest, i) a single condensate in N-well trap and ii) N-component BEC in a single trap, is derived. Analogy between multi-photon processes and tunneling couplings in multi-well traps is demonstrated. The case N=3 is considered in detail. It is shown that STIRAP indeed can be used for the transfer of the condensate. This opens interesting perspectives for creation of coherent topological modes, generation of geometric phases and other applications. The possibility to apply various adiabatic population transfer methods of modern quantum optics to the transport of condensate is discussed.