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Mardi 26/09/2006 - 14H00

How to have fun with two-dimensional frustrated ferromagnets...

Nic Shannon (Bristol University)

par Didier Poilblanc - 26 septembre 2006

The theoretical study of two—dimensional ``spin liquids’’ — quantum magnets which remain disordered at the very lowest temperatures — has mostly been confined to models with competing or frustrated antiferromagnetic (AF) interactions. The resulting ground states typically involve strong singlet bonds between spins, which give rise to a gap in the spin excitation spectrum. None the less, the best characterized experimental realization of a spin liquid is believed to occur in two—dimensional films of solid ^3He, where the interactions between spins are predominantly ferromagnetic (FM), and the resulting state is gapless. Here we consider whether the breakdown of long ranged FM order offers a new route unconventional magnetic ground states in two dimensions, considering in detail the case of the square lattice frustrated ferromagnet.

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