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Mercredi 11 décembre 2019 - 14:00

Confined phases of fermions coupled to Z2 gauge fields

Sergej Moroz (TU Munich) ¡ Attn. créneau inhabituel !

par Revaz Ramazashvili - 11 décembre 2019

After briefly summarizing my long-term interest in quantum physics of low-dimensional spinless fermions that attract each other, I will present our recent study of a quantum many-body lattice system of one-dimensional fermions interacting with a dynamical Z2 gauge field. The gauge field mediates long-range attraction between fermions resulting in their confinement into bosonic dimers. At strong coupling we developed an exactly solvable effective theory of such dimers with emergent hard-core constraints. I will show that even at a generic coupling and fermion density, the model can be rewritten as a local spin 1/2 chain and forms a Luttinger liquid. In a finite chain we observed the doubling of the period of Friedel oscillations which paves the way towards experimental detection of confinement in this system. Finally, I will also discuss the possibility of a Mott phase at the commensurate filling 2/3, connection to quantum scars and our plans to extend this study to two spatial dimensions in pursuit of exotic p-wave superfluidity.

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contact : R. Ramazashvili