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List of Publications :

- Unpublished :

  • Decoherence or the Loschmidt echo
    B. Casabone, I. Garcia-Mata, and D. A. Wisniacki. arXiv:0908.2134v1

- Published :

  • 16. Nonlinear delocalization on disordered Stark ladder
    I. Garcia-Mata, D. L. Shepelyansky, Accepted EPJB (published online first) arXiv:0903.2103
  • 6. Noise Models for Superoperators in the Chord Representation.
    M. L. Aolita, I. García-Mata and M. Saraceno, Phys. Rev. A 70, 062301 (2004). e-print : quant-ph/0406236. Also appearing in the Virtual Journal of Quantum Information. (Dec. 2004)
  • 2. Random walk with exponentially varying step.
    A. C. de la Torre, A. Maltz, H. O. Martin, P. Catuogno and I. García-Mata, Phys. Rev. E 62, 7748 (2000).

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