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Mardi 24 avril 2018 - 14h30

The Chiral Anomaly and Ballistic Transport of Weyl Fermions

David Carpentier (ENS, Lyon) ¡¡ Notez l’heure inhabituelle !!

par Revaz Ramazashvili - 24 avril 2018

The chiral anomaly is a unique property of massless relativistic particles in three dimensions. While the chiral nature of particles was expected to be a conserved property, the breaking of this symmetry was a bizarre property of the associated field theory. The recent focus on materials in which low energy electrons behave as massless relativistic Weyl particles has opened the possibility to experimentally access consequences on transport of this field theory property. Indeed, an anomalous contribution to the conductance in the presence of a magnetic field was associated to the presence of the chiral anomaly. In this talk, I will focus on the different regime of ballistic transport of Weyl fermions in small mesoscopic conductors. I will show how the anomalous transport can be traced back to the presence of anomalous Landau Levels in such a junction, and to the chiral anomaly. I will finally comment on the relation between diffusive and ballistic regimes.

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