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Nuclear physics, publications

par Mai Seve-Dinh - 3 avril 2006

The citation numbers refer to those of the complete list of publications.

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[9] C. Alt et al. [NA49 Collaboration],
Directed and elliptic flow of charged pions and protons in Pb + Pb collisions at 40-A-GeV and 158-A-GeV,
Phys. Rev. C 68 (2003) 034903

[8] N. Borghini, P.M. Dinh and J.Y. Ollitrault,
Analysis of directed flow from elliptic flow,
Phys. Rev. C 66 (2002) 014905

[7] N. Borghini, P.M. Dinh, J.Y. Ollitrault, A.M. Poskanzer and S.A. Voloshin,
Effects of momentum conservation on the analysis of anisotropic flow,
Phys. Rev. C 66 (2002) 014901

[6] P.M. Dinh, J.P. Blaizot and J.Y. Ollitrault,
J/psi suppression in central Pb Pb collisions,
Nucl. Phys. A 698 (2002) 579

[5] N. Borghini, P.M. Dinh and J.Y. Ollitrault,
Flow analysis from multiparticle azimuthal correlations,
Phys. Rev. C 64 (2001) 054901

[4] N. Borghini, P.M. Dinh and J.Y. Ollitrault,
A new method for measuring azimuthal distributions in nucleus-nucleus collisions,
Phys. Rev. C 63 (2001) 054906

[3] J.P. Blaizot, P.M. Dinh and J.Y. Ollitrault,
Transverse energy fluctuations and the pattern of J/psi suppression in Pb Pb collisions,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 85 (2000) 4012

[2] N. Borghini, P.M. Dinh and J.Y. Ollitrault,
Are flow measurements at SPS reliable ?,
Phys. Rev. C 62 (2000) 034902

[1] P.M. Dinh, N. Borghini and J.Y. Ollitrault,
Effects of HBT correlations on flow measurements,
Phys. Lett. B 477 (2000) 51