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Mardi 15 décembre 2015-14:00

Social graph’s analysis using Machine Learning

Evgeny Smirnov (Pulkovo observatory, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

par Gabriel LeMarié - 15 décembre 2015

Mobile & web apps today store a lot of user’s data including the information about connections between users, organizations and similar objects and user’s behaviors. It is important to analyze not only obvious dependences like "John has a friend Julien" but also indirect connections "John and Julien have mutual friend" or "John and Julien like the same Entity". The amount of indirect data is much more than direct so its analysis might be even more important.

The reporter will talk about his experience in work with startups oriented on the analysis of Big Data in mobile social graph, the tools that could be used for this task and how to apply the results in business goals.

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contact : D. Shepelyansky