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Mardi 24 novembre 2015-14:00

Topological states in microwave resonator lattices

Fabrice Mortessagne (LPMC, Nice)

par Gabriel LeMarié - 24 novembre 2015

The recent realization of topological phases in insulators and superconductors has given incentive to explore analogous realizations. Propagation of microwaves in an array of dielectric ceramic cylinders constitutes a flexible experimental platform to investigate properties of topological states. I will show how a defect state in a dimerized chain of resonators can be topologically protected against structural disorder and how this state can be selectively enhanced by combining topological protection with non-hermitian symmetries. Our microwaves experiment contributed to create the active field of `artificial graphene’. I will present results related to the topological phase transition experiences by a honeycomb lattice under uniaxial strain : The gap opening and, depending of the boundary shape, the emergence of specific edges states.

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contact : G. Lemarié