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Vendredi 16 octobre 2015-9:00****ATTENTION JOUR ET HEURE INHABITUELS****

The role of the 3D genome structure in the regulation of gene expression

Annick Lesne (CNRS, LPTMC (Paris) & IGMM (Montpellier))

par Gabriel LeMarié - 16 octobre 2015

Recently developed « Chromosome Conformational Capture » experimental techniques give now access to the contact frequency between genomic loci in living cells. I will present how theoretical approaches could help to extract biological information on the genomic functions from these experimental data. By analyzing spatially detailed and quantitative 3C data using a polymer model, we showed that a conformational transition of the chromatin fiber at the supranucleosomal scale could regulate transcription at the locus Igf2-H19 in mouse. We also devised a novel fast algorithm to reconstruct 3D genome architecture from genome-wide Hi-C contact maps. This algorithm allows a multiscale visualization of the 3D structure of human chromosomes. This makes possible to investigate various genomic annotations, e.g. epigenetic profiles or protein-binding maps, within their 3D context.

Related references :
Lesne et al. Nature Methods 11, 1141 (2014)
Lesne et al. J. Phys. Cond. Matter 27, 064115 (2015)
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