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par Manoel Manghi - 10 mars 2006


- 52 J. Cornet, P. Preira, L. Salomé, B. Lagane, N. Destainville, M. Manghi, F. Dumas,
Protein over-expression induces the elongation of cell membrane nanodomains
submitted (2022)

Articles published in international peer-reviewed journals

- 51 A. Mejri, G. Herlem, F. Picaud, T. Hennequin, J. Palmeri, M. Manghi,
Molecular Dynamics investigations of ionic conductance at the nanoscale : role of the water model and geometric parameters
Journal of Molecular Liquids, 351, (2022) 118575

- 50 M. Manghi, J. Palmeri, F. Henn, A. Noury, F. Picaud, G. Herlem, V. Jourdain,
Ionic conductance of carbon nanotubes : confronting literature data with nanofluidic theory
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, (2021) 22943-22950

- 49 T. Hennequin, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri,
Competition between Born solvation, dielectric exclusion, and Coulomb attraction in spherical nanopores
Physical Review E 104, (2021) 044601

- 48 J. Cornet, N. Destainville, M. Manghi,
Domain formation in bicomponent vesicles induced by composition-curvature coupling
Journal of Chemical Physics 152, (2020) 244705

- 47 F. Sicard, N. Destainville, P. Rousseau, C. Tardin, M. Manghi,
Dynamical control of denaturation bubble nucleation in supercoiled DNA minicircles
Physical Review E 101 (2020) 012403
arxiv:1805.04287 abstract

- 46 M. Manghi, N. Destainville, A. Brunet,
Statistical physics and mesoscopic modeling to interpret tethered particle motion experiments
Methods 169, (2019) 57-68

- 45 M. Socol, H. Ranchon, B. Chami, A. Lesage, J.-M. Victor, M. Manghi, A. Bancaud,
Contraction and tumbling dynamics of DNA in shear flows under confinement induced by transverse viscoelastic forces
Macromolecules 52, (2019) 1843-1852

- 44 S. Guilbaud, L. Salomé, N. Destainville, M. Manghi, C. Tardin,
Dependence of DNA persistence length on ionic strength and ion type
Physical Review Letters 122, (2019) 028102
arxiv:1810.01611 highlight

- 43 N. Destainville, M. Manghi, J. Cornet,
A rationale for mesoscopic domain formation in biomembranes
Biomolecules 8, (2018) 104

- 42 M. Manghi, J. Palmeri, K. Yazda, F. Henn, V. Jourdain,
Role of charge regulation and flow slip on the ionic conductance of nanopores : an analytical approach
Physical Review E 98, (2018) 012605
arxiv:1712.01055 Abstract

- 41 B. Chami, M. Socol, M. Manghi, A. Bancaud,
Modeling of DNA transport in viscoelastic electro-hydrodynamic flows for enhanced size separation
Soft Matter 14, (2018) 5069-5079

- 40 C. Barde, N. Destainville, M. Manghi,
Energy required to pinch a DNA plectoneme
Physical Review E 97, (2018) 032412
arxiv:1710.07509 Abstract

- 39 A. Brunet, L. Salomé, P. Rousseau, N. Destainville, M. Manghi, C. Tardin,
How does temperature impact the conformation of single DNA molecules below melting temperature ?
Nucleic Acids Research, 46 , (2018) 2074-208
Open access

- 38 R. Houmadi, D. Guipouy, J. Rey-Barroso, Z. Vasconcelos, J. Cornet, M. Manghi, N. Destainville, S. Valitutti, S. Allart, L. Dupré,
The Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein controls the LFA-1 nanocluster belt at the lytic synapse
Cell Reports, 22, (2018) 979-991
Open access

- 37 G. Gueguen, N. Destainville, M. Manghi,
Fluctuation tension and shape transition of vesicles : renormalisation calculations and Monte Carlo simulations
Soft Matter, 13, (2017) 6100-6117

- 36 K. Yazda, S. Tahir, T. Michel, B. Loubet, M. Manghi, J. Bentin, F. Picaud, J. Palmeri, F. Henn, V. Jourdain
Voltage-activated transport of ions through single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanoscale, 9, (2017) 11976

- 35 M. Berger, M. Manghi, N. Destainville
Nanodomains in biomembranes with recycling
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120, (2016) 10588-10602

- 34 B. Loubet, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri
A variational approach to the liquid-vapor phase transition for hardcore ions in the bulk and in nanopores
Journal of Chemical Physics, 145, (2016) 044107

- 33 M. Manghi, N. Destainville
Review article : Physics of base-pairing dynamics in DNA
Physics Reports (2016) 631, (2016) 1-41
doi:10.1016/j.physrep.2016.04.001 arxiv:1510.05574

- 32 V. Cassina, M. Manghi, D. Salerno, A. Tempestini, V. Iadarola, L. Nardo, S. Brioschi, F. Mantegazza
Effect of cytosine methylation on DNA morphology : an atomic force microscopy study
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1860, (2016) 1-7

- 31. A. Brunet, C. Tardin, L. Salomé, P. Rousseau, N. Destainville, M. Manghi,
Dependence of DNA persistence length on ionic strength of solutions with monovalent and divalent salts : a joint theory-experiment study
Macromolecules 48, (2015) 3641-3652

- 30. S. Balme, F. Picaud, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri, M. Bechelany , S. Cabello-Aguilar , A. Abou-Chaaya , P. Miele , E. Balanzat , J.-M. Janot,
Ionic transport through sub-10 nm diameter hydrophobic nanopores : experiment, theory and simulation
Scientific Reports, 5, (2015) 10135
Open Access

- 29. A. Brunet, S. Chevalier, N. Destainville, M. Manghi, P. Rousseau, M. Salhi, L. Salomé, C. Tardin,
Probing a label-free local bend in DNA by single molecule tethered particle motion
Nucleic Acids Research (2015) 43(11) e72
Open Access

- 28. F. Sicard, N. Destainville, M. Manghi,
DNA denaturation bubbles : free-energy landscape and nucleation/closure rates
Journal of Chemical Physics, 142, (2015) 034903

- 27. G. Gueguen, N. Destainville, M. Manghi,
Mixed lipid bilayers with locally varying spontaneous curvature and bending
European Physical Journal E, 37, (2014) 76

- 26. A.K. Dasanna, N. Destainville, J. Palmeri, M. Manghi,
Slow closure of denaturation bubbles in DNA : twist matters
Physical Review E, 87, (2013) 052703

- 25. L. Horvath, T.A. Beu, M. Manghi J. Palmeri,
The vapor-liquid interface potential of (multi)polar fluids and its influence on ion solvation
Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, (2013) 154702

- 24. M. Manghi, N. Destainville, J. Palmeri,
Mesoscopic models for DNA stretching under force : New results and comparison with experiments
European Physical Journal E, 35, (2012) 110

- 23. A.K. Dasanna, N. Destainville, J. Palmeri, M. Manghi,
Strand diffusion-limited closure of denaturation bubbles in DNA
Europhysics Letters, 98, (2012) 38002

- 22. S. Buyukdagli, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri,
Ionic exclusion phase transition in neutral and weakly charged cylindrical nanopores
Journal of Chemical Physics, 134, (2011) 074706
abstract arxiv:1006.3696

- 21. S. Buyukdagli, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri,
Ionic capillary evaporation in weakly charged nanopores
Physical Review Letters, 105, (2010) 158103
abstract arxiv:1004.1816

- 20. M. Manghi, C. Tardin, J. Baglio, P. Rousseau, L. Salomé, N. Destainville,
Probing DNA conformational changes with high temporal resolution by tethered particle motion
Physical Biology, 7, (2010) 046003
abstract arxiv:1003.0518

- 19. S. Buyukdagli, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri,
Variational approach for electrolyte solutions : from dielectric interfaces to charged nanopores
Physical Review E, 81, (2010) 041601
abstract arxiv:0911.1730

- 18. M. Manghi, N. Destainville,
Statistical mechanics and dynamics of two supported stacked lipid bilayers
Langmuir, 26, (2010) 4057–4068
abstract arxiv:0909.3396

- 17. N. Destainville, M. Manghi, J. Palmeri,
Microscopic mechanism for experimentally observed anomalous elasticity of DNA in 2D
Biophysical Journal, 96, (2009) 4464-4469.
abstract arxiv:0903.1836

- 16. M. Manghi, J. Palmeri, N. Destainville,
Coupling between denaturation and chain conformations in DNA : stretching, bending, torsion and finite size effects
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter, 21, (2009) 034104.
abstract arxiv:0809.0456

- 15. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy
Adsorption of polyelectrolytes from semidilute solutions on an oppositely charged surface
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 10, (2008) 1697-1706.
abstract cond-mat/0202045

- 14. J. Palmeri, M. Manghi, N. Destainville,
Thermal denaturation of fluctuating finite DNA chains : the role of bending rigidity in bubble nucleation
Physical Review E, 77, (2008) 011913.
abstract arXiv:0709.2843

- 13. J. Palmeri, M. Manghi, N. Destainville,
Thermal Denaturation of Fluctuating DNA Driven by bending Entropy
Physical Review Letters, 99, (2007) 088103.
abstract cond-mat/0612588

- 12. D.S. Dean, M. Manghi,
Fluctuation induced interactions between domains in membranes
Physical Review E, 74, (2006) 021916.
abstract cond-mat/0512013

- 11. M. Manghi, X. Schlagberger, Y.-W. Kim, R.R. Netz
Review article : Hydrodynamic effects in driven soft matter
Soft Matter, 2, (2006) 653-668.
abstract arxiv:1203.1409

- 10. M. Manghi, X. Schlagberger, R.R. Netz
Propulsion with a Rotating Elastic Nano-Rod
Physical Review Letters, 96, (2006) 068101.
abstract cond-mat/0612238

- 9. M. Manghi, R.R. Netz
Variational theory for a single polyelectrolyte revisited
European Physical Journal E, 14, (2004) 67-77.

- 8. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy
Short commentary : Theoretical considerations on concentrated polymer interfaces : an attempt to explain dewetting of ultra-thin films
European Physical Journal E, 12, (2003) 459-463.

- 7. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy
Validity of the scaling functional approach for polymer interfaces as a variational theory
Physical Review E, 68, (2003) 041802.

- 6. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy
Mobile polymer connectors
European Physical Journal E, 11, (2003) 243-254.

- 5. M. Aubouy, M. Manghi, E. Raphaël
Reply to comment
Physical Review Letters, 87, (2001) 179602.

- 4. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy
Interplay of entropic and enthalpic contributions to the surface tension of polymer melts
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 94, (2001) 21-31.

- 3. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy, C. Gay, C. Ligoure
Inwardly curved polymer brushes : concave is not like convex
European Physical Journal E, 5, (2001) 519-530.

- 2. M. Manghi, M. Aubouy
Tensioactive properties of semidilute solutions
Macromolecules, 36, (2000) 5721-5729.

- 1. M. Aubouy, M. Manghi, E. Raphaël
Interfacial properties of polymeric liquids
Physical Review Letters, 21, (2000) 4858-4861.