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Mardi 16 décembre 2014-14:00

Many body mobility edge in the random-field Heisenberg chain

David Luitz (LPT Toulouse, IRSAMC, UPS-CNRS)

par Gabriel LeMarié - 16 décembre 2014

The phenomenon of many body localization in strongly correlated systems has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years, motivated by the hope for persistent quantum information storage in high energy states. I will provide an introduction to the topic and present our recent numerical effort [1] resulting in the energy-disorder phase diagram of the random-field Heisenberg chain.

Our results show in particular that the phase boundary between ergodic states with volume law entanglement and many body localized states with area law entanglement strongly depends on energy. We also introduce a measure of eigenstate similarity and perform a finite size scaling analysis of various quantities to access the critical disorder strength and the localization length exponent.

[1] David J. Luitz, Nicolas Laflorencie, and Fabien Alet, arXiv:1411.0660

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Contact : G. Lemarié