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International Workshop ``Quantum Disordered Systems : What’s Next ?’’

par Gabriel LeMarié - 24 juin 2014

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J. Billy (LCAR), N. Laflorencie (LPT) and G. Lemarié (LPT) organize the international workshop : ``Quantum Disordered Systems : What’s Next ?’’ (QDS2014), to be held in Toulouse from 24 to 27 June, 2014.

QDS2014 aims to bring together researchers from the physics of quantum systems in which disorder plays a fundamental role. Multidisciplinary by nature, this subject has seen important advances in recent years which we wish to see addressed here in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas at the intersection of several fields : condensed matter, cold atoms, mesoscopic physics, theoretical and experimental physics.

QDS2014 will consist of a few sessions on various topics, each containing an overview lecture of an hour and several talks (30 minutes) by invited or selected researchers.