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Mardi 16 Juillet-14:00

Topological superconductor - Luttinger liquid junctions

Ian Affleck (UBC, Vancouver)

par Nicolas Laflorencie - 16 juillet 2013

Experimental evidence was recently obtained for topological superconductivity in spin-orbit coupled nano wires in a magnetic field, proximate to an s-wave superconductor. When only part of the wire contacts the superconductor, a localized Majorana mode may exist at the junction between superconducting and normal parts of the nanowire. I will analyze the case of a T-junction between the superconductor and two normal nanowires and also the case of a single wire with two (or more) partially filled bands in the normal part. We find that coupling this 2-channel Luttinger liquid to the single Majorana mode at the junction produces frustration, leading to a critical point separating phases with perfect Andreev scattering in one channel and perfect normal scattering in the other.

Post-scriptum :

Ian Affleck, Professeur à UBC Vancouver, est candidat pour une chaire Pierre de Fermat de 12 mois au LPT.

Contact : Nicolas Laflorencie