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Vignette une

29 September 2020

Chaos-assisted tunneling resonances in a synthetic Floquet superlattice

The field of quantum simulation, which aims to use one quantum system to simulate another, has grown rapidly in recent years as an alternative to the universal quantum computer. The emphasis so far has been on the use of regular systems which seem a priori easier to control. However, it has (...)

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Vignette une

4 November 2019

Multifractality and Many-Body Localization

In contrast with the non-interacting Anderson transition, the many-body localization (MBL) problem is much less understood. Three researchers from LPT have recently explored the unusual ergodicity and multifractal properties of the eigenstates across the MBL transition. (...)

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Vignette une

20 June 2019

Glassy properties of Anderson localization

Numerical simulations reveal that Anderson localization, which manifests itself in quantum transport, verifies fundamental properties of glasses in two dimensions and at zero temperature: pinning, avalanches and chaos. These properties depend on quantum interferences, making Anderson (...)

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17 September 2019

Journée LPT-IMT

La journée LPT-IMT aura lieu à l’Institut de Mathématiques dans la salle 106 bâtiment 1R1 le jeudi 26 septembre 2019.

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Probing mixed-state entanglement with randomized measurements

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