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PhD theses at LPT

PhD openings (including openings at the LPT) at the Doctoral School Sciences de la Matière can be consulted on the website of the doctoral school.

Boundary effects for KPZ universality in finite volume

PhD proposal-2018

PhD thesis on Boundary effects for KPZ universality in finite volume PhD Advisor: Sylvain Prolhac ( Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Toulouse, France Start date: 1st October 2018 Duration: 3 years A solid background in theoretical physics or probability theory is advised, as well as an inclination toward exact calculations. KPZ universality [1] describes the dynamics of large scale fluctuations in a variety of systems, such as growing interfaces (...)

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Investigation of the many-body localized phase

PhD advisors: Fabien Alet, Nicolas Laflorencie

This condensed matter theory PhD proposal deals with the study of the Many-Body Localized phase, a recently discovered new phase of matter induced by the interplay between disorder and strong interactions between quantum particles.

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Far-from-equilibrium kinetics of DNA zipping and unwinding

PhD advisors: Manoel Manghi & Nicolas Destainville

The main objective of this thesis will be to decipher how the competition between rotational friction on the DNA single strands and on the double-stranded region dictates the global dynamical laws governing the zipping or unzipping of this nucleic acid.

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Applications of quantum chaos to the study of the Google matrix of directed networks

PhD advisors: Bertrand Georgeot & Dima Shepelyansky

In the past few years, social and communication networks have become more and more important. In addition, networks appear in many scientific contexts such as genetics, linguistics, dynamical systems...

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Stochastic extension of mean field theories

PhD advisors: Eric Suraud & Phuong Mai Dinh

The quantum description of dissipative mechanisms in finite quantum systems if a long standing question in physics. The problem was originally pointed out by N. Bohr in the late thirties, taking as illustration the case a nucleus hit by a neutron, which progressively heats up the system.

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Screened T-matrix theory for strongly correlated materials

PhD advisor: Pina Romaniello

Strongly correlated electron systems exhibit remarkable electronic and magnetic properties, such as metal-insulator transitions, half-metallicity, or unconventional superconductivity, which make them among the most attractive and versatile materials. Their theoretical description requires an accurate treatment of electron correlation; this is one of the greatest challenges in condensed-matter physics today. In this project we will treat electron correlation using the screened T-matrix approximation within the framework of Many-Body Perturbation Theory.

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