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Sire Clément

Clément Sire

Directeur de recherche at CNRS (section 02)

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique – IRSAMC
Université Paul Sabatier
118, route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse Cedex 4, France

Office: 306 (3rd floor in IRSAMC building (IIIR1B4))
Ph.: +33 (0)5 61 55 65 84
Fax: +33 (0)5 61 55 60 65
Email: Clement
.Sire(usual symbol)
(Usual symbol is "@") 

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General Information

  • Born: 26th March 1967 in Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Graduate from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris (1986-1990)
  • Agrégé de Mathématiques (9th) in 1990
  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Electronic properties and stability of quasicrystals, Université P. & M. Curie and ENS (Paris, Nov. 1990); Ph. D. Advisor: R. Mosseri
  • Chargé de recherche CR2 at CNRS (section 02) in Oct. 1990
  • Post-doctoral Associate at AT&T Bell Labs, USA (1992-1994); Advisor: C.M. Varma
  • Chargé de recherche CR1 at Laboratoire de Physique Théorique (Toulouse) in 1994
  • Bronze Medal of CNRS in 1994
  • Directeur de recherche DR2 since Oct. 2005
  • Head of the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique from Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2015
  • Outstanding Referee of the American Physical Society since 2012

Research Interests

- Physics of society and behavioral biology :

  • Models of competition
    • Theory of poker tournaments [ 66 ] (Scientific American News)
    • The leader problem as a model of biological evolution [63,66]
    • Other models of competition (baseball, game theory...) [72,73]
  • Collective phenomena in human and animal systems
    • Modelization of fish schools and comparison with experiments [78,79,80,84,86,A8]
    • Theory of active particles [78,85]
    • Collective motion in cells [83]
    • Estimation tasks in human groups [82]

- Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics :

  • Coarsening dynamics
    • Exact conserved phase separation model [17]
    • Potts model autocorrelation exponent [25,26]
    • Theoretical and experimental study of Langmuir films [22,24]
    • Soap froths [21,25-27]
    • Conserved systems autocorrelation exponent [56]
  • Reaction-diffusion and other aggregation models
    • Exactly solvable river model [18]
    • Exact results for Smoluchowski’s equations [33,36,38]
    • Exact results for ballistic aggregation [46]
    • Approximate solution of directed percolation [50]
  • Properties of random walks (persistence (Science Magazine News), diffusion, disorder...)
    • General theories for the persistence exponent of a Gaussian non-Markovian walker [30-32,34,35,40,64,71]
    • A novel critical exponent for spin systems [32]
    • Persistence and global persistence in spin systems at zero and finite temperature [30,37,39]
    • Nontrivial persistence in the simple diffusion equation [31,64,71]
    • Probability distribution of the maximum of a smooth temporal signal [64,71]
    • Exact models with disorder and absorption [41,47,62,74]
    • Dynamical phase transitions, directed percolation [18,50,84]
    • Penetration or screening length of a random walker in a random medium of absorbers [62]
    • Screening length in diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) [62]
  • Decaying turbulence
    • Exact results for velocity/acceleration distributions and correlation functions [42,45]
    • Renormalization group, kinetic theory, simulations and comparison with experiments [29,43,77]
    • Simulations [43,44]
  • Self-gravitating systems
    • Statics of self-gravitating Brownian/Lévy particles (canonical and microcanonical ensembles) [47-49,51, 65,67-70,76,A6]
    • Collapse dynamics of self-gravitating Brownian/Lévy particles in all dimensions [47-49,51-55,57-61, 65,67-70,76,A6]
    • Post-collapse dynamics of self-gravitating Brownian particles in D>2 [52,55,61,A6]
    • Analogy with the dynamics of the Bose-Einstein condensation [61]
    • Analogy with chemotactic aggregation of bacterias [54,57,67,70,76,A6]

- Quasicrystals :

  • Transport theory of real quasicrystals
    • 2D and 3D simulations [A5,16]
    • Phenomenology [A2,A3,A5]
  • Electronic and localization properties (1D-3D)
    • RG in D>1 [1,3,5]
    • Simulations [9,11,16]
    • Perturbative methods and exact results in D=1 [2,4,7,8,14,28]
  • Stability
    • General exact results for electronic stability in D=1 [8,10]
    • Random tiling model [15]

- Correlated Fermions :

  • Marginal and non-Fermi liquids [19,20,23]
  • Kondo effect [19]
  • -Fidelity susceptibility [75]

- Quantum Chaos :

  • Berry’s phase in an atomic system [6]
  • Quantum chaos in quasicrystals
    • Level statistics, diffusion, and energy spectrum [11,16]
    • Quantum kicked rotator and diffusion in a quasicrystal [12]
  • Introduction of level statistics in correlated electron systems [13]

Numbers between brackets refer to the corresponding articles in my publication list

Some recent news related to these subjects :

  • La physique des tournois de poker : French / The physics of poker tournaments : English
  • Predicting the maximum or the minimum of a random signal : (News article)

Publication List and Research Report

  • Publication List - Liste des Publications (pdf file)
    Web of Science ResearcherID profile
    Most articles are available as preprints on ArXiv, PROLA (Physical Review ; subscription needed), or HAL (CNRS Archives), which includes the DOI links to the published papers on the journals web sites
  • Research Report — Rapport d’Activité CNRS 2015-2017 (pdf file ; in French)
  • Research Report — Rapport d’Activité CNRS 01/2006-02/2010 (pdf file ; in French)
  • Research Report — Rapport d’Activité CNRS 2005-2007 (pdf file ; in French)
  • Research Report — Notice CNRS de Titres et Travaux 1990-2005 (pdf file ; in French)
  • Book : Quelques beaux problèmes de mathématiques / A few nice problems in mathematics (in French), with Denis Favennec, Editions Ellipses (Paris, 1989, 208 pages) ; Available at Librairies des Maths

Vulgarisation Scientifique/Popularization of Science

Je donne de nombreuses conférences de vulgarisation pour tous les publics et sur des thèmes très variés... Si vous souhaitez me solliciter, ou pour plus de précisions, n’hésitez pas à me contacter par email.

I give many popularization talks in high schools, associations (also in English ; contact me by email for more details)...


Programme des mes futures interventions avec les présentations correspondantes au format pdf

Recent Talks (pdf files)

  • Analytical and numerical study of a realistic model for fish schools : English
  • Synchronization in long-range interacting systems : English
  • Statistical physics of competition : poker tournaments, the “leader problem”, baseball/football championships, and tree games : English
  • Decaying two-dimensional turbulence : effective merging dynamics of two and three fluid vortices : English
  • Introduction to anomalous diffusion and persistence of random walkers : English
  • Introduction to reaction/diffusion/aggregation processes : English
  • Universal properties of poker tournaments : persistence, the “leader problem”, extreme value statistics : English
  • Self-gravitating Brownian particles : English
  • Time correlations in out of equilibrium spin systems : English
  • Séminaire de vulgarisation sur la cosmologie moderne / Vulgarization talk on modern cosmology : French
  • Séminaire de vulgarisation « la physique hors des sentiers battus » / Popularization talk on unconventional domains of research in physics "Physics out the beaten track"(pdf) : French / English
  • Introduction à la physique hors d’équilibre / Introduction talk to out of equilibrium systems : French
  • Introduction to LPT’s scientific activities (French), and to the PhyStat group activities (French)

Teaching (since 2003)

  • Cours de M2 (2003-2013) : Physique statistique hors d’équilibre (syllabus ; présentation)/Out of equilibrium statistical physics (syllabus in English)
  • Cours de M2 (2008) : Transitions de phase et phénomènes critiques
  • Cours de M1 (2003-2007) : Transitions de phase et phénomènes critiques

Other Interests

Bridge, poker, writing mystery novels (in French), Football and especially PSG (tough in the last years ! A new era ?), Magic, music (from Joy Division, Interpol, to Thelonious Monk, or Brahms... and my brother’s band — on MySpace and YouTube ; CD album released in November 2008), my electric bass, video games (commander of the top tanker squadron in War Thunder)...

Updated in July 2012

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