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7 novembre 2017

Comment développer l’intelligence collective grâce à l’information sociale

Une équipe interdisciplinaire de chercheurs impliquant un physicien et un doctorant du LPT vient de publier dans les Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA les résultats d’expériences et de modélisation quantifiant comment les gens prennent en compte l’opinion des autres pour corriger leur réponse initiale dans des tâches d’estimation. Communiqué de presse nationale du CNRS

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6 novembre 2017

Topological chiral spin liquid groundstate of a frustrated antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model

A simple spin-12 frustrated antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model (AFHM) on the square lattice—including chiral plaquette cyclic terms—was argued to host a bosonic Kalmeyer-Laughlin (KL) fractional quantum Hall ground state. Here, we construct generic families of chiral projected entangled pair states (chiral PEPS) with low bond dimension which, upon optimization, provide better variational energies than the KL Ansatz. The optimal PEPS exhibits chiral edge modes described by the (...)

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5 juillet 2017

How disorder can turn into long-range order at high magnetic field ?

Building on NMR experiments at high magnetic field, physicists have demonstrated that impurity-induced disorder in a Mott insulator can lead to the revival of long-range order.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 067203 (2017)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 067204 (2017)

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8 novembre 2017

Workshop ``New Aspects of Localization’’

Toulouse, November 27-28 2017

IRSAMC, seminar room

The goal of this two day workshop is to bring together young and senior researchers experts in Anderson localization, multifractality and quantum disordered systems. Multidisciplinary by nature, these subjects have seen important advances in recent years which we wish to see addressed here in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas at the intersection of several fields of theoretical physics.

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30 août 2016

International CECAM workshop "Mesoscopic Modeling in Physics of Molecular and Cell Biology"

This workshop intends to gather theoretical physicists specialized in statistical physics and soft matter, and working on different subjects related to molecular and cell biology, but using very similar paradigms and tools. They belong to coarse-grained models, effective mesoscopic models, and/or analytical approaches.

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7 mars 2016

Collective behavior in the big data era : can we enhance collective intelligence in human groups ?

This workshop promotes an interdisciplinary approach to studying collective behavior in human groups, fostering cross-disciplinary interactions between various communities : quantitative ethology, social sciences, economics, information technologies and statistical physics.

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