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6 septembre 2018

Is 1D physics experimentally accessible in real systems ?

At low temperature, critical one-dimensional (1D) quantum systems, such as spin chains, are theoretically described by the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLL) theory. In realistic quasi-1D materials, however, residual couplings are always present, and these systems may escape the theoretical 1D (...)

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2 mai 2018

Spectrum of Elementary Excitations in Galilean-Invariant Integrable Models

One-dimensional interacting systems of quantum particles are qualitatively different from their higher-dimensional counterparts. The reason is the strong effect of quantum fluctuations, which renders the ground state in one dimension to be a liquid. At lowest energies, such a quantum state is (...)

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12 avril 2018

Les poissons se la coulent douce dans un banc

Les bancs de poissons offrent un exemple fascinant de comportement collectif dans lequel le groupe se coordonne sans avoir besoin de leader. Mais quel est le rôle joué par le fluide et l’écoulement dans cette coordination ? C’est pour répondre à cette question qu’un groupe de (...)

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8 novembre 2017

Workshop ``New Aspects of Localization’’

Toulouse, November 27-28 2017

IRSAMC, seminar room

The goal of this two day workshop is to bring together young and senior researchers experts in Anderson localization, multifractality and quantum disordered systems. Multidisciplinary by nature, these subjects have seen important advances in recent years which we wish to see addressed here in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas at the intersection of several fields of theoretical physics.

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30 août 2016

International CECAM workshop "Mesoscopic Modeling in Physics of Molecular and Cell Biology"

This workshop intends to gather theoretical physicists specialized in statistical physics and soft matter, and working on different subjects related to molecular and cell biology, but using very similar paradigms and tools. They belong to coarse-grained models, effective mesoscopic models, and/or analytical approaches.

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Prochain séminaire

Mardi 8 janvier 2019 - 14:00

Hydrodynamic diffusion and super-diffusion in integrable chains

Jacopo De Nardis (Université de Gand)