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Vignette une

23 November 2017

How fish switch attention from neighbor to neighbor for seamless collective movement

Researchers from the CRCA and the LPT in Toulouse, and their collaborators in China and the UK have characterized how fish influence each other when they make sudden changes of direction. Press release of PLOS Computational Biology which also dedicated its front page to this work; CNRS Institute of Biology news (in French)

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Vignette une

7 November 2017

How social information can improve estimation accuracy in human groups

An interdisciplinary team of researchers involving a physicist and a PhD student from the LPT reports in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA the results of experiments and modeling quantifying how people take into account other people’s opinion to correct their initial answer in estimation tasks. CNRS press release (in French and in English)

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Vignette une

6 November 2017

Topological chiral spin liquid in a frustrated antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model using projected entangled pair states

A simple spin-12 frustrated antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model (AFHM) on the square lattice—including chiral plaquette cyclic terms—was argued to host a bosonic Kalmeyer-Laughlin (KL) fractional quantum Hall ground state. Here, we construct generic families of chiral projected entangled pair states (chiral PEPS) with low bond dimension which, upon optimization, provide better variational energies than the KL Ansatz. The optimal PEPS exhibits chiral edge modes described by the (...)

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8 November 2017

Workshop ``New Aspects of Localization’’

Toulouse, November 27-28 2017

IRSAMC, seminar room

The goal of this two day workshop is to bring together young and senior researchers experts in Anderson localization, multifractality and quantum disordered systems. Multidisciplinary by nature, these subjects have seen important advances in recent years which we wish to see addressed here in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas at the intersection of several fields of theoretical physics.

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Vignette une

7 March 2016

Collective behavior in the big data era: can we enhance collective intelligence in human groups ?

This workshop promotes an interdisciplinary approach to studying collective behavior in human groups, fostering cross-disciplinary interactions between various communities: quantitative ethology, social sciences, economics, information technologies and statistical physics.

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Vignette une

17 November 2015

International workshop Theory Days 2015

Following the tradition of the previous successful six meetings in Toulouse, the Theory Days workshop aims at stimulating constructive discussions, collaborations, and knowledge exchange among a selected group of theoreticians.

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